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Twenty facts about me!




I’ve just been scanning through Facebook memories, and I came across this post I did a few years ago. I figured as I now embark on relaunching the business in a post-lockdown world, it might be a good idea to tell you all a little bit about me!

So, here are 20 facts about me that you probably didn’t know (in no particular order)!



1.) I was born, and raised in a tiny little market town called Skipton. I still live in Skipton to this day!


2.) As a child, I was quite the talented drummer and played in three different bands. Yet I never actually owned a drum kit at any point.


3.) I am absolutely obsessed with home cooking. It’s my hobby (and creating recipes has really got me through lockdown mentally), and I even have a food blog on Instagram – please follow @thefoodmagicman and you’ll see some of my creations!


4.) I’ve written a book teaching magicians how to be a successful wedding magician, which is sold over 300 copies so far (doesn’t sound like many, but it’s quite a niché market!)


5.) Before being a full time professional Magician, I worked for BT, and was a small part of the Fibre Optic broadband trial team.


6.) I very much like rollercoasters. Sadly, I don’t have as much time as I used to, so rarely get to indulge in said adrenaline fuelled activities. I do however try to make sure I can visit a few theme parks in October so I can also do the Halloween scare mazes!


7.) In terms of my family, I’m a single dad to my daughter, Lizzie. My spare time is spent doing daddy daughter things usually!

8.) I was a ridiculously cute baby, and even won a competition for being such a cute baby. My mum still has the winning picture framed at her house.


9.) I have a total of six tattoos, of which I regret most of them…


10.) In my school days, I never ever had a Detention. I was a bit of a rebel though, but managed to use my charm to get let off punishments.


11.) My favourite guilty pleasure is Pork Scratchings. But only if they are made by The Snaffling Pig Co.. I’m very particular about that.


12.) For a short time, I was a Radio Presenter on a local radio station. I never actually heard a single song that was played as it was all pre-recorded. On my first day, it took me 5 hours to record a 3 hour radio show, which only had about 50 minutes of presenter talking.


13.) At the age of 12, I was an extra in the Calendar Girls movie. I was paid £23 and given all the coffee I could drink to go into school on a Sunday so they could film us all.


14.) My absolute favourite place in the world is Venice, and I am always looking for an excuse to visit again. I love everything about it, from the food, to the coffee, to the architecture, to the glass factories. It’s just amazing.


15.) My favourite films of all time include ‘Saving Mr Banks’, Leon, Deadpool and Hamilton (that counts as a film now, yeah?). My favourite TV Box sets include Black Mirror, Benidorm, Dexter and Brooklyn Nine Nine. I’m currently rewatching Black Mirror, as well binging Superstore on Netflix.


16.) I’ve worked my magic at about 1,500 weddings in the past 10 years. There aren’t many magicians out there with as much experience at weddings as me!


17.) I’m forever trying to diet, but it all goes out of the window as soon as the dreaded “Domino’s offer” text drops in!


18.) I love spending time with my puppy, Rosie. She’s a Cockapoo and has completely transformed my life since I got her. Sometimes she even comes to work with me (venue depending!)


19.) I have a bit of an obsession with BMWs and have owned four over the past few years. Don’t worry though, I’m the one that DOES use his indicators!


20.) I’ve mellowed in my old age, and I prefer a night in with a home cooked meal and a film, over going out and hitting the town.



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