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Just a quick note from Mark Waddington HQ regarding the current climate. COVID-19 is dominating the news and conversations everywhere – so you certainly don’t need me to add to all that mumbo jumbo.

What I would like to say though, is that whilst the odd idiot is stockpiling toilet roll and hand sanitiser, I hope that this desperate global situation will bring the very best out of humanity in the long wrong. We all have to pull together so we can get though this.

The Entertainment industry and “gig sector” is amongst the hardest hit industries; there are undoubtedly tough times ahead for us all that work in this sector, so please keep mentioning my magic to your friends and colleagues who might just be wanting to plan their wedding or event for later this year or 2020 – share anything you can with them to keep them inspired and excited.

To all my wonderful existing clients. Thank you for your ongoing support, it really does mean the world to me. Some have been so helpful with supporting a sole trader like me, facing a very uncertain financial time. As far as I’m concerned, it’s business as usual until I’m told told that I’m not allowed to be at a wedding or event. I’m taking every viable step to keep you, your guests and myself safe at any events.

Ive spoken to many clients that had a booking with myself up until the end of May about postponement options, and will be contacting all those I haven’t quite had chance to speak to in the next few days, but if I’ve not spoken and you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch  – info@mark-Waddington.co.uk.

I’m doing my best to remain positive in these difficult times. During the next few weeks I’ll be doing my best to rebrand and update my entire business, as well as finally getting on with writing the brand new show I’ve been meaning to sort for a little while now. Once this new show is up and running, I’ll make sure you all know about it, and we can discuss options so that you can add this to your event too!

Stay safe, and stay kind.

Mark x

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