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Who is the Yorkshire Wedding Magician?

My name is Mark, and I am a Yorkshire Wedding magician and wedding industry professional. I’m a well respected Close Up Magician in the North of England providing entertainment for all kinds of events, with wedding entertainment being a speciality. I’m now widely regarded as one of the foremost wedding entertainment experts in the UK. I’m an extremely proud member of The Magic Circle too!

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Yep this is me – the Yorkshire Wedding Magician Mark Waddington!

Born and bred in Skipton, North Yorkshire, I’m a typical Yorkshire Man, up to an extent – the only thing is you don’t find many northern blokes who eat, drink and breath all things wedding related!

I didn’t come from a family with a background in weddings. My dad is a recently retired Telecoms Manager, and my mum is a homemaker, who up until when I was born was a clerical assistant for a national building society. To be quite honest, I found myself in the wedding industry completely by accident! Initially, when my professional career in Magic started (at the age of 12), I was a speciality act for variety shows.

I would do shows like The Good Old Days, I was the support act for a few comedians, I would do the occasional Panto, and a bit of acting and presenting too (which I still do to this day). I ended up performing close up after my dad pointed out to me that people generally found close up magic more impressive, and it would allow me to perform anywhere I wanted and whenever I wanted.

I soon found myself performing at charity events, corporate dinners, award ceremonies and more – before I knew it I was winning local awards and trophies for my skills as a close-up magician. Not bad to say at this point I was still studying for my GCSEs at school!

I left school aged 16 as a very average student and embarked on a career as a close up magician. Soon enough, I became submerged in a world of white dresses, tiaras, photographers, cakes etc.

I never ever thought that I would be a Yorkshire Wedding Magician entertaining at in excess of 120 weddings per year – basing that on a typical wedding being 80-100 guests, that means that through the institution of marriage I entertain about an extra 11,000 people annually!

In other words, over the past 11 years, I have most likely entertained in excess of 120,000 wedding guests!!

In that time, I have become known to couples, venues and wedding suppliers as the best choice of wedding magician in Yorkshire and the North of England. So much so that I have now twice been awarded the “Best Wedding Entertainment” by the North of England Wedding Awards.

Over the past 11 years since leaving secondary school, weddings have become my life, and I spend a lot of time talking and networking with other wedding suppliers, and most of my close friends nowadays have come through being in the wedding industry.

Weddings are my life. I spend all day, every day talking about peoples weddings, and I’m so proud to be part of such an amazing industry!



(Why not find out more about having me as part of your wedding? You can do that by sending me an enquiry!)


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