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How to keep a small wedding entertained

“How to entertain a small wedding”

Sometimes, people don’t want to have a big wedding! Sometimes, instead of having 100 guests, sometimes people only want to have a dozen guests. Sometimes the intimate wedding is the way forward.

Do you know what? tiny weddings are brilliant! What could be better than just having your closest friends and family, all together to celebrate the marriage of two people.

But, as brilliant as tiny weddings are, there is a slight issue when it comes to entertainment for a tiny wedding. You won’t need a 5 piece rock band for example, but what can you do instead?

I found about 4 years ago, I was getting asked more and more often to perform for really small celebrations. So I sat down, and I figured out what the very best thing I can do for a tiny wedding could be.


I came up with “The Grand up close experience”.

Picture the scene, you and your closest friends and family are all sat round one dining table. You’re all together.

With “The Grand up close experience”, you can fill the meal with entertainment, but without it becoming too full on.

This is how it works.

Imagine you are having a three course meal. Once seated at the table, I come into the room and perform a short 10 minute show for everyone. Then, as soon as the short show ends, your starter is served.

Then, when your starter plates are cleared, I come back into the room, and perform a 15 minute show for the table – lots of different magic, lots of audience participation, lots of laughs. Again, when the short show ends, your main course comes in.

When you Main is cleared, then another 15 minute show is performed for the table, along with the grand finale!

Then, you dessert comes in, and you are left to enjoy the rest of your meal as a family.

This is the PERFECT performance for a small, one table wedding.

Why? Well, because the magic is in short bursts, everyone at the table is captive. If I was to come in after the meal and do one 45 minute show, it just wouldn’t work. The reason being that your guests will have already been seated for a few hours. They will need to get up and go to the loo, they will want to nip to the bar, they may want to nip outside for a breath of fresh air – and your guests SHOULD be allowed to do that!

Keeping everyone captive after along meal, and for so long is a really difficult task for all who are involved. By performing in short bursts, everyone is captive, but only needs to be captive for a few minutes at a time. The whole table is involved.

Also, “The Grand up close experience” solves some problems for the venue itself. When everyone has to be served all at once, it’s important that the kitchen has a time period to prepare for it. The performance will give the kitchen that bit of breathing space to make sure everything is perfect with the food.

As the performer, I am in complete communication with the function manager, serving staff and kitchen all the way through. If for some reason there is a slight delay with the food coming out, I will be able to adapt the performance segment to help cover this up. That means the kitchen can get it right, and you as the paying customer will be none the wiser!

You really will find that “The Grand up close experience” is PERFECT for your intimate wedding.

For more information about this performance, please get in touch. I’d be happy to talk through your plans for the day, and make sure it’s absolutely perfect for you!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time….

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