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Six super big reasons why Mark is perfect for your big day!

You are probably on my website for one of three reasons. Either you have actively searched specifically for me online to learn more about me, or you have done a more generic Google search for a wedding magician in your area, or you have accidentally discovered me when trying to look up the Stoke City Football Club midfielder of the same name.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. You might be lost in a sea of magicians, and have no idea why one is better than the other. This is exactly why I’ve provided a handy list of six reasons why I’m awesome!

Intrigued? Read on!

I’m a magician that specialises in wedding entertainment

this means I know exactly what works and how to ensure that everyone has an amazing experience. I’m not a “jack of all trades” like so many other magicians you may see.

In my professional career so far, I have appeared at more than 1,300 weddings. That’s a lot of weddings, and a lot of experience with weddings. I’ve seen every kind of wedding, and performed in every scenario you can imagine.

This means that I am easily able to adapt my performance to whatever happens on your day, even if something completely unexpected happens during the schedule.

This is my full time job!

That means that I devote every hour of my working day to weddings, brides, grooms, the industry and helping to ensure every couples special day is the best it can be.

I understand the terms and the lingo within the world of weddings, because I’m dealing with this stuff day in, day out!

I’m forever learning about the latest trends in the wedding world, and the big new styles, so I’m able to advise and recommend on all aspects of the wedding industry for you, and I’m also able to exploit my list of trusted top supplier friends to make sure we find you exactly what you want.

I’m well known within the wedding industry and have some really good contacts with other suppliers, so I’m most likely going to know one of the other suppliers that you hire for your big day. This is a really great thing, because teamwork amongst suppliers is always the best way. Because I may already know your suppliers, it’ll mean everything can be so much smoother on the day!


I’m the entertainer of choice for other wedding professionals

People like photographers, wedding planners, caterers and more frequently book me for their own weddings.

These are the people who have seen every performer out there and know that I am the only one who can complete the job to their high standards.

Entertaining for the special days of other wedding suppliers is always such an honour, and really helps to show how trusted I am by the wedding industry as a whole. If I’m good enough for them, then I’m good enough for you!


I was voted as the best wedding entertainer in Yorkshire

By an industry standard award ceremony in 2014, 2016 and 2017. Not just the best magician, but the best overall entertainer!

This wasn’t one of those “click to vote” things that pop up all over the place. I was nominated by real couples who had to complete a questionnaire and essay on why they believe I should win. Then, a panel of wedding industry experts decide on who should win, based on who meets the very high standards required to win the award.


I’m a member of The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle is a super exclusive association which is only open to the top professional magicians in the world.

Only the very best magicians in the world are members of The Magic Circle, and the entry process is very stringent. This basically acts as a guarantee that I am the very highest of standard within magic, and you know that you are in safe hands with someone who has proved they are one of the best to his peers. Not only am I a member of The Magic Circle, but I’m also an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle, which puts me amongst the top 300 magicians in the world!

I’m Insured!

I have Public Liability Insurance of up to £10m to ensure you are able to hire me with complete peace of mind.

My insurance is provided by Equity, which is the Performing Arts Union. They are there to protect both you, and me, should anything go wrong (which it won’t!)

Most venues insist on £5m of cover for any performer. So I made sure I have far more cover than needed, for complete peace of mind for both you and your venue.


Hopefully that has given you a few more reasons why you really need me as part of your day! Don’t forget to get in touch about your wedding day. Your day deserves the best, and you wouldn’t want to miss out!


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Thanks for reading!



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