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Brand new release!


Mark Waddington is proud to share his very first release, “How to be a Wedding Magic Rock Star”




In this PDF, Mark gives you the real secrets to success exclusively as a wedding magician.


He explains…

  •  what to do to set up as a specialist wedding magician

  •  how to approach a booking

  • what to do in the month before a booking

  • how to approach a table

  • when to perform to the wedding couple, and why

  • what to say if someone doesn’t want to watch magic

amongst other gems that Mark has learnt from more than ten years of experience as a professional wedding magician.

Drinks reception magician

Drinks reception magician Mark Waddington


Not only that, Mark explains in full, one of his pet routines that he performs for the wedding couple, with full scripting included.


If you are curious about setting up as a wedding magician, then this PDF is definitely for you. Learn from one of the leading wedding magicians in the UK. There’s no fluff – just real, solid advice that WILL make you more successful.


All this for just £15


You can buy this online right now. Mark will then send the PDF direct to your inbox. All sales are final and no option for refund is available. PLEASE NOTE, Mark sends each PDF individually and manually, so you wont get the PDF instantly. Mark will however aim to be this to you within 12 hours



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