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How much does a Magician cost?

How much does a magician cost?


This is probably the most common question I get asked as a professional close up magician. After all, knowing how much a magician charges is quite an important thing to know when considering hiring a magician for your next event.


To be completely honest, there isn’t a straight forward answer. I know it’s annoying, but there are loads of factors that contribute to the cost of hiring a close up magician.


For example, the time of week makes all the difference. A performance on a Friday or Saturday will cost more than a booking on a Tuesdays. The weekend is very much a peak time for a magician.


But, it is also possible that the magician is already nearby on the day of your party or wedding, so this can help to reduce the cost to you as the person booking. It makes perfect sense to try and get two bookings near each other on the same day at a slightly lower price, rather than travelling from one end of the country to the other!


In December, most dates are considered peak too, with the volume of Christmas parties and celebrations happening (For example, in December alone I do on average 25 bookings!). On the other hand though, a booking in January or February would be cheaper as the demand for a close up magician isn’t quite as high then.


Close Up magician prices


So, how much does a close up magician cost? Well, it’s a wide spectrum to be honest, based on the magicians experience and skill level. A good close up magician will typically cost somewhere between £300-800 for a performance. Again, this can be affected by the performers location on the specific date. If I have a booking in London on a Thursday night, I will always try to get a booking on the Friday, somewhere along my route home. Again, it makes perfect sense to do that, and the cost can be slightly cheaper because there are no start up travel expenses.


I’ll be honest, you will find a cheaper magician. But the reason why is very simple. The performer may not be a professional, so as a result they don’t have to rely on earning money as a magician. But this means that the same attention to detail may not be paid to your event as a professional like myself would give.


Someone who is just learning how to be a magician will charge less because they want to gain experience. This is absolutely fine – we all have to learn somewhere, but if you are celebrating your wedding day, or hosting that big corporate banquet for your top clients, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. A higher priced magician will do an amazing and memorable job for you. If they do a good enough job, you will even say to yourself that you would have paid more for their service.

In summary, it is really difficult to give an exact cost for a magician summed up in one number. The best thing to do is get in touch with me today. Tell me a bit about your event, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with the best idea on prices for you. I’ll talk to you about your event, and work out exactly what is needed to make your occasion perfect.
Until next time!

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