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Should I hire a magician for my wedding?


The simple answer to that is – of course you should! But, of course you would expect me to say that. So, let me tell you exactly why Magic is perfect as part of your wedding, and what to look out for when choosing a magician.

What does a wedding magician actually do?


Magic is considered by many wedding professionals as the best way to ‘break the ice’ for your guests and is also an excellent talking point.

An expert wedding magician like me will be able to fill in those ‘lulls’ in the wedding day (did you know, that in a typical wedding schedule there can be up to four hours of ‘dead time’ for your guests – that’s a lot of time!) making your day as seamless as possible for you, and for your guests.


Imagine this scenario – you are busy doing the portrait shots with your partner. You look over to your guests and see that they are simply sitting around making small talk. In reality all they are doing is waiting for the meal.

It’s a bit bleak isn’t it?

Now imagine this scenario – you are busy doing your portrait shots with your partner. You look over to your guests and see they are laughing and cheering, screaming in amazement. Guests from both sides of the family are chatting together, they are getting to know each other. There’s a real buzz coming from your guests, and they have forgotten that they are waiting around. You are able to relax and get the photos done, knowing your guests are having a great time.

What is different between the two scenarios? Well, In the second one, a professional close up magician is working the crowd, and ensuring that everyone is having a blast!

The beautiful thing about close up magic, is that it can be adapted on the spot to suit the crowd. It’s something that feels personal to your guests – they feel like they are part of it!

But, that isn’t the only time magic is suited to a wedding!

During the wedding breakfast itself is great for magic. The magician will approach each table, and perform a mini performance of micro miracles whilst guests wait for the next course. This in itself is going to solve a big problem for you.

What do I mean? Well, you’re on the top table. You get served first, but the people on tables 9 and 10 will still be waiting a long time for their food to come. This can be a problem – but not with a wedding magician working the room.

A good professional magician would liaise with the venue and service staff, and find out who is due to get served and when. They will then go to those tables at the crucial time to perform for them whilst they wait. Again, this is another massive problem solved for you as a couple. You don’t need to worry about people who are waiting to be served.

By performing at the tables, everyone gets a personal and intimate show (not in a seedy way!) at the perfect time. Everyone at the table is captive, and they have the best seats in the house for the show!



Danby Castle Wedding magician – October 2016 – Photo copyright of Natalie Pluck Photography


What should you look for when hiring a magician?

Ultimately, you need to be 100% confident that the magician will deliver to your exact expectations.

At the end of the day, you are paying out your hard earned cash for their services, so they need to be able to do the job.

The best thing to do for a starting point is contact the magician and make an enquiry with them.

When they reply, make sure they tick all the boxes for you.

  • Do they seem polite?
  • Do they get back to you in a good time scale?
  • Do they know what they are talking about?
  • Are they able to answer the questions you have?
  • Are they able to demonstrate they have experience of working at weddings? (For example, at time of writing, I’ve performed at more than 850 weddings, which means I’ve seen pretty much everything and know how to work with it!).
  • Do they have lots of evidence of performance experience?
  • Are they a member of The Magic Circle?
  • Do they have reviews from people like you, that mention the things that are most important to you?


Most important though, do you actually want this person to be part of your wedding?


It sounds like a silly statement, but it’s very important. You’ve got to feel like you would want this person to be there on the day, consider if they would fit in amongst your guests, will people get on with the magician? Not every magician is perfect for your exact needs.

You need someone who is personable, friendly, stress-free, reliable, hygienic (you’d be surprised!) and ultimately someone that you will get on with. One of the comments that gets made most about me in reviews is how they felt like I was part of the family, or like a long term friend. That’s the sort of thing you need for your wedding.


What should you do to help the magician?

When hiring a magician, it is very important to give them as much information as possible at the time of enquiry. Various factors can affect what would be the ideal performance for you. I always quote on a bespoke basis but working off a framework. I have three adaptable options which after years of experience are designed to perfectly suit weddings. That way, no matter what your day is like, there is a way that I can make the magic work for you.

Also, let the magician know if anything changes. Sometimes it’s difficult to change times drastically once a booking has been made – this is purely due to demand, so time slots do book in advance. I will always be as flexible as possible, where sensible and viable.

Also, it’s nice just to keep in touch. Once you have booked your magician, the occasional message to say “hey!” is nice, then that way your wedding booking can be discussed and the final details can be arranged.



Wedding magician at Hornington Manor – August 2017. Image Copyright Stott and Atkinson Photography


At the end of the day, if you are reading this blog, you must seriously be considering hiring a magician!


It’s something that will add a really unique and memorable element to your day. You and your guests will love it in equal measure.



Hopefully, you are now fully convinced that magic is right for your special day, but also that I could be the right magician for your special day. Make sure you get in touch to register your interest, and we can start the conversation from there!


Thanks for reading

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