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My hot 2018 wedding trends


Well, we are now halfway through 2018 (I know, scary right…. and what is even scarier is that there is only 178 sleeps until Christmas…) and already I’ve been busy performing my close-up magic at weddings all over the place – the milage that I’ve put on my car already is UNBELIEVABLE.

I spend that much time at weddings, that I usually pick up on what the big trends of the year seem to be. The things that look amazing on the big day and that are very ‘en-fleek’. Each year the style is different, but each year the trends are just as epic as the previous years.

So, here is my rundown of the hot wedding trends in 2018 so far…




The Pantone colour of the year is officially Ultra-violet, and boy does it show! From Bouquets to bridesmaid dresses, from cakes to chair covers, ultraviolet really is the on-trend colour for weddings in 2018.

It’s mega easy to add a pop of ultraviolet into your big day. Something as simple as napkins and table runners can implement the colour, and can be done at a very low cost too!



Moving on from rose gold accents, 2018 has seen similar metallic touches in the form of a more industrial look copper. 

Again, it’s something that can be implemented into your wedding in a subtle and budget-friendly way. Not only that, but it looks SUPER effective! You can also incorporate copper details in cups, cutlery, chairs and even ribbons. 

The effect will particularly look great for an autumnal wedding colour palette or at a more rustic wedding venue – think converted wedding barns… that sort of thing.

But, copper isn’t just the in-thing for weddings! My kitchen this year has received a bit of a make-over and is now very much inspired by copper! See, I can be on point too!


Street food

The discerning modern couple is now opting to step away from the traditional three-course meal, and is heading down the very trendy street food vibe!

I’ve seen converted cable cars dishing out ice-cream, Tuk-Tuks serving curry, I’ve seen mobile pizza vans serving….well, pizza. I’ve seen it all! 

Do you know what, it looks bloody good too, and it creates a massive talking point! The options available for weddings now are so quirky and unique, and really help to make the day memorable to your guests.



New wave name places

Thinking outside the box really is big in 2018, and couples are even thinking outside the box to the tiniest of details, including name places.

A name place no longer has to be a tent-folded piece of card. I’ve seen names etched on Leaves and stones, on chocolate bars, and one of my favourite things was when the couple found pictures of each and every guest as a child and used that as name place!

The beauty with quirky name places is that guests will want to keep them as a memento of the day. I know whenever I have been a guest at a wedding, I’ve always kept the cool name places and keep them on my memory shelf in the kitchen, to remind me of the day.


Guest list culling

Weddings are getting noticeably smaller in guest numbers, and personally, I think that it’s a great thing! Rather than inviting absolutely everyone, including Auntie Margo (I mean she’s not a real auntie but she once was at a Pilates class with mum and they now share a spiritual bond…), couples are opting to just invite their very closest of friends and family.

By trimming the fat with the guest list, it means there’s more room in the wedding budget to add them quirky little touches that really express what the couple is all about.

This year I’ve even done a wedding with just eleven guests! Talk about a tiny wedding! (if you’re wondering how I can entertain one table wedding like that, I wrote a blog on the subject a little while ago which is worth checking out).


Prosecco pimping

Believe it or not, I am obsessed with Prosecco. I love the stuff! I have a friend who comes round to see me every now and then and she ALWAYS brings a bottle of Prosecco to drink.

It’s my obsession with Prosecco which has got me all excited about the Prosecco pimping trend! Adding tiny things like shimmer and sparkle, or flavour bubbles, or even adding a scoop of sorbet, it helps to take what has become a staple of the drinks reception and make it a little more personal.

Why not set up a Prosecco pimping table in the corner somewhere and let your guests run wild to make their own unique tipple!



So there we have it… that’s my shortlist of the hot trends in 2018 in the world weddings. I always love trying to figure out what the trends are going to be. Maybe you are already using some of these elements in your big day, or maybe my ramblings have inspired you to add something a little different to your big day. Either way, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this!

Until next time,




Mark x

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