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Hire a close up magician. A how-to guide

How to hire a close-up magician


Every day, I find myself lost in a sea of new magicians who have set up a website claiming to be a professional wedding magician. The reality of it is that the vast majority of them aren’t professionals, they are just claiming to be. The term professional means somebody who earns a living from doing their job. I myself, am a professional magician and earn all my money from magic – if I don’t do magic I don’t get paid! Here are a few things to check up with looking to hire a close-up magician, and they are all things that I offer and do.

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1.) Do they have any testimonials?

If a close up magician has enough working experience, they will have lots of testimonials on their website from various different kinds of events. They will be sincere and offer a true reflection on the client’s opinion. I also believe that actually giving the clients name and location helps too. It shows it has been written by a real person! Of course at the same time though, you can’t just rely on written testimonials, as I have known of a couple of magicians who aren’t professionals to actually write their own fake testimonials. But, read on – there are other ways to check credibility when you hire a close-up magician!

Mark came to our wedding yesterday at Kelham Hall, he was absolutely amazing. Our guests were totally mesmerised by all his magic tricks as were Brian and I. He was definitely a talking point of the evening as everyone thought he was fabulous. Even down to our personal tricks that he did for us…couldn’t fault him at all…apart from leaving us all baffled!! Lol. Would highly recommend Mark to anyone.

2.) Do they have any pictures of themselves performing?

It’s all well and good for someone to have a couple of posed photos taken in a studio by a portrait photographer, but when you hire a close up magician you want to make sure you can actually see pictures of the magician performing to people (by which I mean people who actually look like they want to be performed to!) then the chances are they have very limited experience as a performer and subsequently their performance might not be quite as good. Also, check the surroundings in the picture, make sure they look to have worked in a proper venue. For example, if all their pictures show them performing in jeans and T-shirt in the local fast food restaurant, the chances are they have never set foot into a real function venue or events centre.


3.) Do they have any videos?

Any good performer worth his fee will have a video showreel available so that he is able to demonstrate exactly what he can do. It will show the magician in a variety of working situations, and most of all will show people enjoying their performance!

4.) Are they willing to meet up with you?

In the age of the internet, there is a LOT of websites to chose from, and anyone can make a website look nice and can talk themselves up, but can the magician walk the walk? If you want to see the magician in action, then ask to meet up with them for a coffee and a chat! Wherever possible I will come to meet up with a new client so you can get to know me and you can actually see what I can do!

5.) Are they accredited?

Any professional magician will be accredited to both The Magic Circle and Equity.

The Magic Circle is the premier magic society for professional magicians in the world, and I am extremely proud to be a member. A magician who is willing to go through the rigorous examination process to prove their chops has a dedication to the perfection of magic. The Magic Circle is a guarantee of excellence amongst magicians.

Equity is the performing arts union, and they offer extensive insurance policies for all its members, for up to £10million. This means you can hire me safe with the knowledge that *if* anything does go wrong (and so far it hasnt!) then you are completely protected and covered.

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That is literally just a few things to look out for. These however are the things I pride myself on having on my website and as part of my business profile. There are plenty of other magicians out there, but hopefully, this little helping hand will maybe make you want to hire me for your next party or event! I have several years of working experience and I have become a well-known name for wedding entertainment and corporate entertainment in Yorkshire and across the UK. I’m not one of these “here today, gone tomorrow” businesses. Magic is my passion and my life and this shines through during my performance.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your enquiry with Magician Mark Waddington to hire a close-up magician. You will receive a no-obligation quote which is tailored especially to your own unique occasion


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