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‘It’s a hat-trick, Mark!’

I still can’t quite believe it. I’m still pinching myself actually. Because on Monday, I was crowned the ‘Best Wedding Entertainment’ at the North of England Wedding Awards for the third time! A genuine multi award winning magician!


Award Winning Magician


Now, I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to wedding awards. Generally they are just a popularity contest. These things where you get all your friends to click a link 500 times each, and you get declared the worlds best of something. But with The North of England Wedding Awards (in association with The Wedding Guide UK) it’s so much more stringent, and fair than that.





First of all, you can’t just be nominated by anybody. The people who nominate you have to be genuine couples that had their wedding between two certain dates. This is then verified against a register to ensure they are genuine.

Then, they have to write an essay explaining why they believe you should win. That’s far more effort than just simply clicking something randomly.

From initially booking Mark as a surprise for my Wife to be, I’ve never met anyone as organised and as professional as Mark was. He kept in contact with us right up until the Wedding Day and even performed for an extra half hour because our Guests couldn’t get enough of him. I’d love to see Mark perform again and Magic aside, Mark was truly professional and a joy to have perform at our Wedding. My Wife was made up with the surprise and the day wouldn’t have been the same without Mark.
We would both highly recommend Mark to anyone who wants to make their special day/party perfect.

Winning comments from one of the people who kindly nominated Mark

If you get the right amount of nominations, and a high enough score, then you might be lucky enough to make the shortlist of Finalists.

If you make it to the final few, you are then assessed by a panel of expert judges – people who have seen it all in the wedding industry. People who know the industry inside out, who know everyone, and who can make a real assessment on who is good.

Which is why I’m so honoured to have been crowned the best for the third time. Making me a genuine multi award winning magician!


Wedding Magician Mark Waddington – Best Wedding Entertainment

The award is there to prove excellence in customer service and experience when it comes to weddings. It means the world to me that my couples believe I am the only person worthy of such a title in their eyes.

Mark is absolutely amazing, I really struggle to put into words how amazing he was on my wedding day. He performed at a friends wedding several years ago, my cousins wedding last year and my wedding a couple of weeks ago and it was an absolute honour to have him perform. He adds comedy to the magic, I still have no idea how he does what he does!! He alters his routine to suit the audience, and his personality is just brilliant!! he is an absolute 5 star entertainer and I would honestly recommend him to anyone getting married in the future. He could not go out of his way enough to ensure that my guests were entertained! He honestly and truly deserves the award as he worked so hard to make my day perfect!. What more could I ask.

Winning comments from one of the people who kindly nominated Mark

I’m not in the wedding industry for the award though. I’ve not paid someone money to teach me how to win awards. I’m in the wedding industry because I genuinely care about people, and about making the most important day of their lives as perfect as possible. The awards (to an extent) don’t matter. The fact that I am able to help create such an important and positive memory on your wedding day is the most important thing to me. The trophies are nice as memories and kudos though!

Thank you EVERYONE who throughout 2016/17 trusted me to make their days as special as possible. It was an honour to be part of those days. This award is for all of you.


If you want the only hat-trick winning wedding entertainer in the north of England to be part of your wedding day, make sure you contact me as soon as you can to register your interest. As an award winning magician, I find that key dates fill fast, and I’d hate for you to miss out.

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