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A cheeky promotion…

Hi everyone,


I cant believe how long it’s been since I last had a proper chance to blog. Work life and home life are both something really difficult to balance at times. Making sure I can be a Wedding Magician at as many beautiful weddings as possible, whilst being a dad to my little girl is quite a juggling act act times – maybe I should add juggling to my repertoire too 😂


So, why am I blogging today? Well, part of the reason is that I’m currently at Butlins with my daughter at the moment, and she’s watching the Teletubbies show (I’ve learnt that La La wants to be a magician apparently, she’s wearing a magicians cape and EVERYTHING) and I have time to fill, but the other reason is something mega exciting!


as you all know, I’ve been a member of The Magic Circle (TMC) for ten years now, an association I’m massively proud to be part of. What you may not know however, is that my membership level in TMC has recently been upgraded, which means I am now proud to say I am an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle, with the additional Silver star awarded!


Okay, I appreciate this may all sound a bit like gobbledygook to you, so I’ll try to explain.


The Magic Circle has three main levels of membership:

  • Member of The Magic a Circle (MMC)
  • Associate of the Inner Magic Circle (AIMC)
  • Member of the Inner Magic Circle (MIMC)


when you you join The Magic Circle, you are usually admitted at MMC level, which is the “basic” level of membership. That’s the level I joined at ten years ago.


Associate of the Inner Magic Circle can be awarded when the council in The Magic Circle decide that your position in the world of magic has been earned through services to magic or entertainment, and if your performance chops are deemed to be of a much higher standard than required for the basic MMC level.


Member of the Inner Magic Circle (MIMC) is a special title awarded by the President of The Magic Circle in exceptional circumstances (taking a bullet for the President… that kinda thing 😜). The number of people with the title of MIMC can never exceed 300 people.


My level of AIMC puts me in an exclusive group of just 350 magicians across the world with the title, and I’m SO proud to have it. Not only was I awarded the AIMC, but I was also awarded the Silver Star for performance excellence. This isn’t always awarded with AIMC as it as an additional title, so I’m highly honoured to have been given it.


Magic Circle magician in Harrogate

Mark Waddington is a proud member of The Magic Circle



My local newspaper covered the story of me receiving my promotion at the time. You can see that story by clicking here


Anyway, sorry for the gap between blogs, but I hope you enjoyed this one, and that the little insight into what The Magic Circle is was of some interest to you!

Until next time….









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